The Mare Shifter Book 1

The Mare Shifter Book 1

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Book one this is before not so goal anymore.

I have a secret to tell you. 
     I'm a horse shifter
    I've been a horse shifter all my life but I don't like being in my human form and as a female I have to keep my identity hidden and kept a secret as female shifters are very rare.
    Mare shifters aren't common anymore after horse shifters began having kids with humans the trait was only dominant in males and as time passed and generations went on, mare shifters became practically endangered.  A few humans do know this but others don't but we aren't gonna do anything bout it.
    This is my story and my adventures as one of the horse shifters.

This is 25horse work but she gave it away I was one of the people who got her story. the first 10 chapters are made by her so keep in mind it won't be my writing style. Plus i'm using everything she put up so the cover is the same as her original

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0Woof0 0Woof0 Aug 11, 2017
I'm naming my baby that, it'll be born in 6 months.. C:
                              Jk I'm 13
YourNeighborhoodWeeb YourNeighborhoodWeeb Apr 02, 2016
No offense but this is one of the hardest books I've ever read on Wattpad, and not because of the choice of wording.
SkylarO SkylarO Jul 08, 2015
It says that both of the parents are dead, but then says that her whole family is dead...what?