His Curvy Chick (BWWM)

His Curvy Chick (BWWM)

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Kaylie Ace By QueenOfTheAngels Updated Dec 01

"If any person can show reason why the may not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace" father Jude paused

I gazed into the crowd of loved ones, and my sister Tiffany slowly stands

"yeah um, don't take this wrong I love you and all, but I may have fucked your fiancée in the car on our way here, yeah, just thought you should know" tears swell in my eyes, I turned to face my bastard fiancée

Someone cleared there throat, it was my cousin Amy

"we've had sex multiple times, I'm so sorry cousin" she shifted awkwardly

"baby, they were all good fucks and all but-, you know what fuck it I don't give a shit, you can marry or get out of this chapel I don't care" I looked at Brie who was behind me, and she mouthed 'go'. I ran out of the Chapel not turning back

Truebabe13 Truebabe13 Sep 13
I love Bill too! Sookie is too petty and doesn't deserve him! Lol(only watch season 1 so far)
Team Eric. Bill was a power hungry sob who had his own john stuck up his butt perpetually😒 if it ain't Eric, it ain't worth it😍
justmeplz justmeplz Oct 24
One of my favorite but the last season sucked...I really wished they would have a spin off with Eric & pam
Jan_Capri Jan_Capri Jul 23
More like Eric😍😍 he's flipping hot👌👌. I'd like my own Eric, I like Sookie and Jason too❤❤
My name in there but its spelled different Briana/bribri/bri
Loving it so far! I'm angry though because I didn't read this sooner.