i'm afraid of paper cuts || a destiel high school au

i'm afraid of paper cuts || a destiel high school au

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InterruptingMoose By InterruptingMoose Updated Sep 25, 2016

"Love has no definition."

Well, whoever said that was obviously wrong because when you google it you get five.

1. a strong feeling of affection
2. a great interest and pleasure in something
3. a person or things that one loves
4. (in tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil

1. feel deep affection or sexual love for (someone)

What sums up love more than tennis?

Love is chance, really. Everything happens by chance. For instance, how come Cinderella's shoe (that fit perfectly) fell off? Huh? Huh?

Good luck trying to figure that one out, Mythbusters.

You know, someone once said that if we look at the world with a love for life, the world will reveal its beauty for us. Obviously that person hasn't seen the world today... or maybe they have and, in that case, need to get their priorities set straight. 

Basically, love sucks.

And all five of its definitions, too.

And love (and its sucky definitions) is why Castiel is afraid of paper cuts.

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GetSp00kt GetSp00kt Apr 16
Me @Me : Whoaho! Hold up there bucko, this'll probably do some damage to you, probably shouldn't read it!
                              Also Me@Me: But it's destiel so I mean it's probably chill.
Has anyone gotten in trouble for not saying that they didn't own SPN? Like I want to read that copyright infraction notif.
Jesus Christ this is gonna be one hell of a- wait someone already commented that
I don't know why but the face at the bottom made !e giggle.I think I'm crazy so.....The hell with sanity its no fun!😎😺
orajoke orajoke May 16
Is this story gonna make me wanna roll in the ground and die?
Art-Tea_ Art-Tea_ Feb 19
I wish I did, I did, the characters would be happy and destiel would be cannon