Flashing Lights [Sting X Reader] (UNDER HEAVY EDITING)

Flashing Lights [Sting X Reader] (UNDER HEAVY EDITING)

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♒️ By Phoenix_DragonSlayer Updated Oct 18, 2016

~*~"Flashing Lights"~*~

Being younger than your brother, Natsu, was tough. You couldn't go to missions, you couldn't stay out at night, and pretty much cannot go anywhere without Natsu. The reason behind all of this was because your magic wasn't working out well. How? It wasn't strong enough to defend yourself, according to Natsu. Disliking the fact you were weak, you went out to go train by yourself. You had thought that was a smart idea, but it ended up being a bad one. You got lost. Panicking, you try to find your way home. In that process, you happened to bump into a certain blonde.


"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" I yelled. The boy in front of you just laughed and held his hand out to you. "It's ok. My name is Sting Eucliffe!" A red cat next jumped and said, "I'm Lector!"


[єиʝσу тнє ѕтσяу ѕтιиg ℓσνєяѕ!!!!!]

This story is under heavy editing!! If you find something weird in the chapters, I am sorry!

I legit I thought this book was named after that one song made by kanye West
CalmingComa CalmingComa Dec 31, 2016
The hair thing work for me since I have natural red hair 
                              My every chubby,adorable,innocent brother.I mean look at them
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Ill take your example author-chan sorry.... My name is Pheonix
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right side of my stomach (bc then its the right spot and I can wear crop-tops)
On the back of my left wrist (Because I'm left handed and idk seems cool)