See You Smile (OHSHC)

See You Smile (OHSHC)

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Lexie By YellowMelow Completed

Makoto Fujioka only wanted a regular life. That's all she wanted.  But, unfortunately, we all can't get what we want.

After returning to Japan after ten years, she reunites with her sister, along with meeting her very...strange friends. With her past lingering in her memory, and slowly coming back to haunt her, can she really find that peaceful life she longs for? 

All she wanted was a quiet school life without people thinking she was different. All she wanted was to not stand out as an apparent thirteen year old genius...or at all.  All she wanted was a quiet place to draw. But you know what? She got none of that!

Now all her self proclaimed friends are trying to help her out in ways she doesn't really want. Can she really survive?


On a small Hiatus

i'm sorry GOOD SIR but i went blind the second i looked at you and heard of getting a life bitch?
Me: Guys should we tell her..? 
                              You:'s better if she finds the school color on her own
Now she can be like 'I will trough maple syrup bottles at you!'
It's called contacts, bitch. Would you like me to break your eyes?!
The only problem is that my mom makes me wear alot of that. So when I do where crap like that a usually end up ruining something in return like my hair or clothes
Rosekase Rosekase Jul 14
When i lookedat NO NO i thought of honey saying. "Messing with my friends is a no no."