My Best-friends twin brother

My Best-friends twin brother

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Hi my name is Savannah Lynn Postier but most people call me Sav for short, my best-friends name is Regan Rain Johnson and we've known each other since 6th grade.  My family consists of my mom, my older brother Connor and my older sister Mckayla. Connor, Mckayla and I are all a year apart. Im 17, Connor's 18 then Mckayla is 19. I don't see my dad much, he's always on business trips, and Mckayla doesn't live with us, she lives a few streets over so I go and visit whenever I want. Regan also has a brother named Jackson, their actually twins which is funny because Connor and Jackson are really close....

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Littlefanficfanatic Littlefanficfanatic Jul 21, 2017
There is something off about this paragraph and it annoys me but I don't know what it is...
Not_so_lovely_Now Not_so_lovely_Now Mar 19, 2017
Say my name, say my name, when no one is around you say baby I love you
HeheCakes HeheCakes Apr 04, 2017
That's some big ass indents between chapters
                              You only need 1 or 2 lel
eggos011- eggos011- May 28, 2017
is she just gonna go to school with milkshake spilled all over her shirt
Simmer_Simmer Simmer_Simmer Oct 04, 2016
Ok this is weird I live in Houston tx and I want to move California sorry if this bothers you author
piercethesiren6 piercethesiren6 Jan 03, 2017
I think its really good for a first chapter! Not to be rude, but believe me, I've read worse