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Styx By TheWhiteLily Completed

"She is so beautiful." He thought as he saw the eighteen year old girl walking down the sidewalk. He noticed how her hips swayed from side to side without any effort and how her natural curly brown hair bounced with every step she took. He longed to run his fingers through her hair and feel every curve and twist of all the tendrils.

For being a eighteen year old she still had a lot of baby fat left in her face that gave her chubby cheeks with a round face. A face that was so pale that with gripping it a little too hard, it would turn black and blue. Yet she had a hit of red in her cheeks that would turn even darker when she made eye contact with anyone or when the wind brushed against her warm skin. He loved how her brown eyes would turn a slight gold when she looked up at the sun or at night when the moonlight glisten against them.

He was ready to go and catch her when he saw her almost trip over thin air. He noticed how her cheeks darkened thinking some one had seen her almost trip over absolutely nothing. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw her get to her house safely. He was about to step out of the shadows but she made him stop.

She stopped because she felt a pair of eyes on the back of her head. The same pair of eyes that she has felt on the back of her head for over three years. She looked around but all she saw was the shadows created by the street lights hitting the buildings in a certain angle. She was relived when she saw no one and with a gentle push on the door she stepped into her house and closed the door behind her.


Warning: There's no happy ending

amiiliia amiiliia Jul 15
Flowers for life.
                              Love how the author put flowers for every chapter! 😍
How ironic her name is daisy but the chapter's name is tulip
FelicitySmoak-Queen FelicitySmoak-Queen Aug 05, 2016
This is so intriguing and I love that the chapters are named after flowers.
Comfortablyok Comfortablyok Aug 05, 2016
I legit read the description and thought...why is he watching her. 
                              That's just creepy...
                              I need to read more tho
nadaisme nadaisme Jun 21, 2016
I don't think I've read this and I'm praying I haven't cause I've read every werewolf book out there