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A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure One Book I

A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure One Book I

68.6K Reads 7.7K Votes 79 Part Story
Stacey L. Polishook By stpolishook Completed

A struggling king, the rebel leader who would see him defeated, and a woman with the ability to sway the tide of history. These three storylines come together in an epic tale of power, love, betrayal, and magik.
  Traitor. It is the proclamation Fiona Amoral fears will be passed down when she announces her pregnancy. As leader of the Senmin people Fiona was never meant to have bear a child. Her successor cannot be of her own blood and the other leadership among her people see the baby as an inherent threat. In spite of grudgingly accepting the child's existence, she knows their distrust remains. 
  But with the prospect of a new king on the horizon and Fiona's presence requested in the Capital by his royal highness himself, she has been given the opportunity to redeem herself. The Senmin have been persecuted for their religion and rumored magiks for hundreds of years, and friendship with the prince could provide their people safety and status. When Fiona realizes the new monarch may be untrustworthy however she has a difficult decision to make. Should she continue to work towards an understanding with the crown, obeying her people's demands and ignoring her instincts? Or will her only choice be joining forces with a burgeoning rebellion determined to destroy the royal line for good?
  Beautiful cover by @Ferret-bird :-)
  *All Rights Reserved

ursula122 ursula122 Dec 28, 2016
Hi! I just got a message from you just now I can't seem to follow.  Can you please repost?
Pennywithaney Pennywithaney Feb 26, 2016
Oh gosh. I haven't read this in so long. I'm definitely going to have to start over. Alright. Here goes. Be prepared for comments. :)
A_C_Douglas A_C_Douglas Apr 23, 2016
Okay, it's time for me to start this. :3
                              I should probably warn you, if I grow addicted to this, then I'll be posting random comments. Be sure to read them with caution! >;D
Summerimproved234 Summerimproved234 Sep 22, 2016
I like the summary so let's see if my gut was right adding it to my library I bet my gut was right.
WendyKopulchu WendyKopulchu Dec 30, 2015
Wow 10K reads. Impressive. My highest is 5.7. Did you have this up for a long time?
mattk1492 mattk1492 Nov 10, 2015
The Summary definitely has me interested and I love fantast series. I'm actually planning on writing one of my own soon. Can't wait to read this!