Princess of the Dragons?! (Natsu x Reader)

Princess of the Dragons?! (Natsu x Reader)

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{This takes place x791, You join Fairy Tail before the Grand Magic Games, Sorry the intro is long XD but enjoy this story!}

(Normal Pov)

Your name is y/n,You have (h/c) and (h/l) with (e/c), one day your village was destroyed by a dragon, Acnologia. You were the last one to survive. You looked at the dragon and he looked at you, instead of killing you, he saw something in you and took you for his own daughter. Acnologia is king of the dragons so you became his princess. You learned all dragon slayer magic from the dragons themselves. You also has a secret magic only you and your father know of. One day, year 777, you knew your father would leave as well as other dragons so you traveled as you pleased. You were different from your father, but you still loved him. You are now (you are as old as natsu so maybe 18,19, or 20). You find yourself in Magnoloia.Your adventure starts here. 

(Your Pov)

I've always had my eye on one guild, Fairy Tail. I heard they were gone for 7 years, it was...

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MiaDragfilia10 MiaDragfilia10 Dec 19, 2017
I mean like, he killed my nakama and parents. WHY DA HELL DID I GO WITH HIM THEN
WhitestickXD WhitestickXD Jun 23, 2017
Can it be possible to have a guild mark colored with silver and smoky blacks?
OfficialScarletFaith OfficialScarletFaith Apr 28, 2017
You looked at the dragon and he looked at you 
                              Bruh 😂😂😂
-HxppytheCat -HxppytheCat Sep 24, 2017
Me: nah its fine i JUST GOT SMASHED BY A TABLE IN THE FACE but no its fine
ruler_of_yaoi_hell ruler_of_yaoi_hell Jun 07, 2017
In every other story whenever I walk in I get hit by a table XD
animelover20017 animelover20017 Mar 07, 2017
No offense I'm sure you guys have good books that I can read