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The nerd and the punk.

The nerd and the punk.

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Gone By X_Bad_Behavior_X Updated Nov 03, 2016

Eren is your classic anime nerd living alone in an apartment he seems content that way but what happens when a punk man with a spitfire attitude waltzes into his life? Find out why don't you ;) 

Also I own none of these characters, they belong to the Attack On Titan author who's name I can't spell to save my life.

He will *wiggles eyebrows* Oh wait Erwin!
                              Erwin; No
                              DO IT
                              Erwin: No, stop 
                              I WILL KILL U-
                              Erwin; Ok fine *wiggles eyebrows*
One of the reason why I love this fan fiction TO DEATH is because of how simple it is. All my other fics are kinda complicated but are still really good. This fan fiction never fails to warm my heart
the names are spelled in many different variations for many of the characters so you did good.
I ruined the 69 comments 
                              I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BEEEEE HMMMMM?
Marieke_3 Marieke_3 Jan 22
Roses are red
                              Needles are pricky
                              We all can agree
                              That this esculated quickly
-juancena -juancena Dec 18, 2016
Okay did I miss like 12 chapters cuz this is going way too fast lmao