Adopted By Phan

Adopted By Phan

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ya girl By phanwby Updated Apr 30, 2016


Adoption story with Phan.

Most chapters are around 10-20 pages, shorter if I'm updating a lot and longer if I'm not updating as much.



lydiarose4317 lydiarose4317 2 days ago
I really want hair like that but my mum won't let me dye my hair so I guess I will get non perminant hair dye. :(
fire_pheonix12 fire_pheonix12 Jun 05, 2016
He reminds me of Luke Hemmings. I'm now going to picture him as Luke Hemmings
They just so happen... to sleep with each other 😏😏😏
UnitedFandomss UnitedFandomss Jun 08, 2016
First Phan adoption story I've read with a boy getting adopted not a girl. Applause from the geek.
TheOfficalDanHowell TheOfficalDanHowell Apr 27, 2016
**Two Platonic gay,single, housemates who happen to share a bed and are wanting to adopt a child together.
Themangledtoy Themangledtoy Jun 21, 2016
Why is this line always in all the adopted by Phan Phanfics xD