Baby Girl (wattys2015)

Baby Girl (wattys2015)

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Brynlee has been in foster care since she was eight years old. Brynlees parents both died in a terrible fire. She was always so happy and her parents adored her;  Brynlee was never to spoiled and was taught good values. When she turned eleven Brynlees social worker found her aunt Stacey. Her aunt took her in and was a rude, violent woman. The social worker of course would never find out that Brynlee was terribly abused and sometimes left unconscious by her aunt. She has been living with her aunt for four years and it gets worse every day that goes by. Brynlee is now fifteen and in high school. She never really talks much and never has time for friends. She has to get home and do daily chores such as cleaning and making meals. One day she ends up taking a little while to get home from the cold and she tries taking a fast way home. The short cut is more quiet and less people are there. A white pick up truck follows her though and Brynlee's life is never the same. 

She's knocked out cold but woken by loud voices and cries. As her eyes open she is dragged out onto a stage, "This is Brynlee Novik. She is a virgin and fifteen years old She has greens eyes and long brown hair. The bidding will start at 500,000 dollars." Those words from the announcer made her realize she was being sold. The bidding continues as Brynlee stands on the stage confused. When she starts to listen again she hears that a couple has won her. 

"Hi baby girl. We're your new parents."
Okay so this is age play. She is kidnapped and sold. That will be in the chapters, I promise. This is not a  fanfiction at all.

No1Luckydog No1Luckydog May 26
Not into weirdos who like diapers and sex too gross to think about.
Okay wait that basically what happens when my best friends and I pass each other in the hallway 😂 I've never related so much to a kidnapper
No1Luckydog No1Luckydog May 26
Such sick people in the world they can't ever love them for who they are no their so twisted!!!! Forced is not loved!!!! Love her for herself she seems to want to be a little just not that young. Such awful creeps.
lil_miss_fryingpan lil_miss_fryingpan Dec 17, 2015
My actual aunts name is Stacy and I love her so I'm mental changing the same to Stephanie :3 no offense to the author or anything it's just me... Why did I even comment this?
frerard4evr frerard4evr Aug 07, 2015
I've never read an ageplay story quite like this, but I like it.
TessaMacKinnon TessaMacKinnon Jul 09, 2015
This is more like dd/lg because it's full time and ageplay is just part time.