Dark Secret

Dark Secret

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KayaRene Itswich By KayaRene Updated Jun 04, 2012

Maddie Johnson isn't quite what she seems. The only 5.0 student in school has a dark secret... but what is it? Her best friend in the whole world, Regie, soon finds out when she gets oober drunk one night. Things get shaky between their friendship, and she's uncertain if he'll tell his girlfriend, who is bffs with the school gossip and tells her everything. If he does, her secret will go out to the whole school. Will it happen? Will her life go from good to terrible with one drunken slip? Is that even possible?!

And if by shaky you think that their friendship is on the decline, you would be wrong. Maddie thought that him telling Alice that she wasn't quite...well, you'll find out, was bad, but their out-of-the-blue feelings for each other can potentially lead to an intergalatic incident. 
Beware the government! Beware her parents! And beware Madeline Johnson.

A warning, just for those who decided to give this a go, the contents are a bit rough. They jump around like a Mexican jumping bean. You have to be very brave to read this. Read between the lines, find the truth behind the nonsense. She talks and thinks in circles and it's twisted and contorted. It will become clearer later, but it's a while. Good luck.

CheshireKat CheshireKat Jun 12, 2012
Here's a few title ideas: Scatterbrained, Lunatic, Freak, Lost Train of Thought...or, hey, even Goldfish Brain, since apparently all of these apply to you perfectly. What about Missing: Train of Thought?
Hazelgirl4 Hazelgirl4 Aug 29, 2010
It's pretty good :) please check out my story if you don't mind
KayaRene KayaRene Aug 29, 2010
@RiverTamm It's not a romance! 
                              What the hell, what about the new story yo just posted! Hmm? It seems like a romance to me! =
                              And not boycotting, that's not nice!