Little Sister (Supernatural)

Little Sister (Supernatural)

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Madison By Lilsug Updated Feb 13, 2016

I do not own any of the Supernatural characters. I only own Madison and maybe a few other characters that might show up sometime. I also own some of the plot scenes that I created. All the credit goes to the show Supernatural!!

(Madison's POV)
I was running from a demon again. This is the third time this week and it was Wednesday. I would usually fight them off yes I know how to fight demons not that hard if you have the proper training, but this time seemed different. I kept running till I got home because I didn't want to face it my instincts are almost never wrong. Did I say it was raining well it is and it is pouring so I am soaked. I ran in and my two brothers and dad were discussing things in the living room when they saw me they went into like defense mode.

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                              Damn it Cas 
                              Tho, I have these nightmares every night that I lose my family so I just don't sleep much anymore
Kuroiishere Kuroiishere Nov 12, 2016
All the things I'm afraid of 
                              STOP STALKING ME!
                              No tho for real all my fears
                              THOSE ARE MY FEARS
                              cash me outsideeeeee how bou dahhh?
NotSoLushLife NotSoLushLife Sep 24, 2016
When you're from England and freak out thinking it's 40°c. legit just did that, but like not even a second later I was like, oh wait, America, it's 40°f.
koda_rose1 koda_rose1 Sep 26, 2016
When your a Canadian and you don't know what the hell 40°F is because your Canadian and enjoy Celsius, because it's easier to understand!
emmabdemm emmabdemm Dec 02, 2016
I say it sometime I manly say dada though or daaaaaaaaaaaad  when I want to go somewhere