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When You Wake Up Married to Dan Howell

When You Wake Up Married to Dan Howell

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Kat By Shadowhunting_Katy Completed

I'll try to write a Dan x reader fanfiction. it was inspired by: @BoringStar's story - Waking up married to Dan (Danisnotonfire x reader) (AmazingPhil x reader).
It starts with the same scene, but that's basically where the similarities end. :)
I hope you enjoy the story!^^
(y/n) ~ your name
(f/n) ~ friend's name

(also, I ship Phan for life, so don't think I'm not one of you because of that Dan x reader story...)

Amandabitch Amandabitch a day ago
~sorry about my name~ I was listening to Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy when I read this and I thought it went perfect with this. 😂haha sorry if you don't think so.
I don't have a middle name so I'm gonna use my nicknames.
                              Sam (uke, emo, rice, tyler, josh) Howell... Meh someone pick a middle name for me...
-KookieCut- -KookieCut- Jan 24
*reads title* yeah that awkward moment when you wake up married to Dan howell am I right?
Daniel I have read this book many times now and its easier if we just stay married and learn to like each other 😂
cryingatm cryingatm Jan 29
Howell I swear to hecking gosh I will have your name on more than those wedding papers
EllaMunchkin EllaMunchkin 4 days ago
Ellaouise Jill Michelle Irene Howell
                              Well my name is gonna be Howells soon on the account of my mum and dad getting married so I guess thats okay