Mute - L.H {5sos}

Mute - L.H {5sos}

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"You're sassy for a mute girl" 

Amnesia Lewis is your normal teenage girl, she's as normal as it gets. 
Apart from one thing.. She's mute. 

Because she's different she gets treated differently, like she isn't human. Like she isn't normal. 

Apart from four dorks: the 5sos boys. 

But what happens when the girl who has been through too much, manages to open her mouth and let a sound escape after three long years of muteness?

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This one sentence is at 50 comments should I wreck it??? Yes I think I should now it's at 51!
But anyways I love the song Song Of The Sparrow by SayWeCanFly you should listen to it :3
PLOT TWIST Amnesia is actually about a girl named Amnesia who broke all the guys heart and they want her back
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                              (If you know where that is from, ily)
"Oh look there goes my ship" *Squints eyes and looks off into distance*
I would 100%. Oh and sour cream and onions. Best Pringles everrrr