Mute - L.H {5sos}

Mute - L.H {5sos}

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"You're sassy for a mute girl" 

Amnesia Lewis is your normal teenage girl, she's as normal as it gets. 
Apart from one thing.. She's mute. 

Because she's different she gets treated differently, like she isn't human. Like she isn't normal. 

Apart from four dorks: the 5sos boys. 

But what happens when the girl who has been through too much, manages to open her mouth and let a sound escape after three long years of muteness?

KristenUnfounded KristenUnfounded 2 days ago
Like the song, a few paragraphs ago I was wondering why you (the author) named her Amnesia.. now I realise they have a song.... amnesia.
Who else is irritated be the Google keyboard update sometimes
There nothing better than a guy who can sing. If he plays guitar imma kms😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
I feel like the cheesiest line that's gonna be in this book is "Your names amnesia but how could I ever forget someone like you"
KristenUnfounded KristenUnfounded 2 days ago
Question, I know nothing about mute people.. So do they laugh like silently like some deaf people or do they  laugh loudly like hearing people?
estrella_16 estrella_16 Oct 14, 2016
                              (If you know where that is from, ily)