Middle Class Love #Wattys2015

Middle Class Love #Wattys2015

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Meryl By AgentOxyMoron Completed

Monica is your average girl, a senior copywriter anxious to make her place in the world. Roshan is your Clark Kent-like journalist minus the specs and clumsiness.  While Monica is aware of an impending marriage, Roshan seems to not care. 

Adjustment difficulties, career commitments and the unexpected twists of a conventional Indian arranged marriage await them. Will she battle his characteristic 'male ego'? Will he prove himself a husband?

P.S. This is NOT on any account a Romance novel. There is no separate category for satirical pieces, hence it was labelled under 'Romance' for quite a while.

    serendipity1112 serendipity1112 Dec 29, 2016
    It is written beautifully and oh my God, could this be more true??
    AvonRussell AvonRussell Apr 11, 2016
    I don't nothing about India more than what i read but i like these 2 they of a mine of them own
    Cupcake_delirium Cupcake_delirium Apr 28, 2016
    Amazing chapter and amazing writing skills. I love it already
    Suganthii Suganthii Dec 13, 2015
    God! I have to stop reading because I have some chores... Will be continuing ;)