In Love With The Law (BoyxBoy)

In Love With The Law (BoyxBoy)

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Alex Slade Smith By Your_Gladiator Completed

Jackson the most popular kid in his high school and he's only a junior. He does everything a stereotypical popular high school kid does. Parties, goes to school, and parties. He hates the police like most people but that's only because they keep messing up the parties he throws. So how ironic is it when the police come to the high school to talk about not doing drugs and other things nobody cares about and Jackson finds himself and an officer falling for each other.

What Jackson doesn't know is that the entire police force is a werewolf pack and the werewolf that he falls in love with is the alpha.

WARNING: I wrote most of these stories back when I was around 15 and I'm 19 now and never edited them so they might be pretty shitty

GabbyG1501 GabbyG1501 Nov 07
We been discover *jumps out of the window* I always wanted to do that
Ah, just a small tick off the fourth wall.. Whatever, he's still onto us. Let's escape while we can!
Hahahahahahahaa. Not a boyxboy werewolf romance. PFFFF, you're funny
IzayaLevi IzayaLevi Oct 31
My only question is...
                              Do you prefer chocolate sauce or whipped cream? I can do both😏😍
Did anyone else read what Derek said in Derek from teen wolf's voice?
Welp. Dunno. Why don't we go back and reread? Sounds good to me.