Love's Slave (manxman)

Love's Slave (manxman)

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Dianna B. By ladydianna01 Updated Nov 15, 2017

I have been summoned home, back to the dry desert landscapes and the lush oasis estate home where I was born and raised until I was sent off to attend the western schools like most sons of wealthy Arabic families. I didn't want come back for the reasons that caused my parents to demand my return. I didn't want to have anything to do with my maternal Grandfather, but the ancient tyrant was dead and as a good son, I returned to the land of my birth and do what is required of me.

 If it wasn't for my angel of a mother, I would have stayed State side where I was happily enjoying my life and the freedom to be who I am as I managed our families multiple business corporations there. Now, I must see to the estate and business holdings the old man has left behind for the El-Hamin legacy once again expand its wealth. The maternal side of my family's money and its import and export companies has been finally released from the iron fist of the old man's control. 

Little did I know that when I inherited this responsibility, I also inherited something that will shock me to the core of my soul. An undiscovered secret that the aged bigot has kept locked up in a hidden room in the master suite of his palatial home. The bastard continued practicing an antiquated custom that the men of my line have long ago ceased to adhere to in these modern times. I found myself placed in a situation that will bring me to my knees and challenge the beat of my heart.

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DIaneCole DIaneCole May 25, 2015
the prologue is duly noted..responsible and talented...i package as amazing 
Noudxx Noudxx May 23, 2015
is this book about living in the past or now? cause we don't have slaves anymore and we don't live in the Desert. anyway i'm an arabic girl soo if you want anything just ask me
SherriLT514 SherriLT514 May 23, 2015
I'm left hanging, not fair, it sounds really good so far though.
eminord87 eminord87 May 22, 2015
Only the prologue and I'm already completely hooked on this! Love it!
justmesrilankan justmesrilankan May 22, 2015
didn't you have this up before? is this gonna be the parallel story you will be focusing on in addition to the other one ? that's great, I'm super excited
Jenjen79 Jenjen79 May 22, 2015
Oooh this one sounds interesting!! It definitely has me intrigued.