Never Leave My Side (A Teen Pregnancy story)

Never Leave My Side (A Teen Pregnancy story)

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Kay By Sairahiniel97 Updated Feb 23, 2017

"About that, Storm..... I - uh... I need to tell you something...." I started fishing the test out of my pocket. He was still looking at my face and couldn't see what my hand was doing.

"What's wrong?" He looked at me worried even more so.

I held out my hand that was holding the pregnancy test. " I'm pregnant, and it's yours. Of course you probably could have guessed that because you're the only person I've ever slept with, too. If you don't want anything to do with them, that's fine, but I'm keeping it and I won't ask anything from you, I just wanted to tell you. So whe-"

For the second time, I was cut off from talking. I talk when I'm in denial. I just can't shut up, I was in denial this time because I didn't want Jason to reject me.

He was covering my mouth with his hand. "Gabry, you didn't even let me talk before you started rambling on."

"Sorry," I muttered through his hand.

"Are you really pregnant?" He was holding the test in his other hand, I couldn't tell what emotion was flooding into his eyes as I nodded. "Gabriel Evermore, I know that it may sound like I am just telling you this now, but I love you, hell I've loved you , and I want to be  apart of your life and the baby's life."

I felt like I could melt when he leaned in and kissed me.

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Sairahiniel97 Sairahiniel97 Jan 16, 2016
It's supposed to be Kat for Katherine. I'm in the process of editing whike I write so things might be weird for a while.
PythonGurl PythonGurl Jan 15, 2016
Is her name Kit or Kat as you've both but referring to the same person!!
deadhead_kay deadhead_kay Nov 18, 2014
What kind of name is gabry? Maybe it's a nickname for Gabriella but still, noo lol
deadhead_kay deadhead_kay Nov 18, 2014
There's nothing wrong with only taking one, unless it was a negative lol.
_qveenjayyy _qveenjayyy Mar 02, 2014
With all these crazy names i am starting to think this is a cartoon book with talking objects lol Cat, Page, Storm, Gabry no offense it's just so unnatural and I like that keep up the good work
dingdongditch dingdongditch Jan 06, 2014
I'm totally in love with teen pregnancy stories, but this, by far is the best!