Things Worth Fighting For

Things Worth Fighting For

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Mama Alpha By Superfruit_IsLife Completed

"Scott frantically searched around for another one of his band mates. "Mitchell Grassi, if this is some kind of joke.." Scott warned. 

He was almost hopeful that someone would start laughing at him. 

Mitch would pull off a paramedic mask and laugh right in his face at how gullible he was. 

Scott just wanted to hear him laugh again..."

One I saw a sight about sex slaves and sex slave trafficking in a stall of a road stop bathroom on a marching band trip
dreamer0301 dreamer0301 Jul 20
a long time ago actually never and also now nothing is nowhere. when? never.
KinkyGrassi KinkyGrassi Jul 09
Fun fact if you have a vitamin d deficiency it can cause insane negative mood swings out of nowhere with no other real discernable signs
GayShips02 GayShips02 Jun 08
B*tch, get out the way
                              Sorry not sorry babes 😉
It's late at night so I am not 100% sure if I'm getting the metaphors correct but
ptx_anime ptx_anime Apr 26
Omg I read this and remembered what happened, and I threw my iPad on the bed and ran downstairs