Friends Without Benefits

Friends Without Benefits

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"What do you want, Ryan? You can have it any way you'd like."

He could just picture the image of her creamy, pillared legs spread wide on the mattress, but he refused to look at her. "I just want to talk like friends do."

"We aren't friends," she said through a soft sigh. It was suppressed, heavy, almost like a moan. The sound only made Ryan a million times weaker for her. "We've done this before."

"That was before..." He trailed off and shook his head in frustration. Before what? Before he realized he cared for her? Before he realized how he felt?

That was before he fell in love.

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I love when you guys go mad for English accents like 90% of them are so unlike Londoners and they're sooo not hot ahah
darkexpert darkexpert Sep 08
Im terrible in short form but what is GA and PLL stands for.
Do I have to read that series to understand whats going on here
jhonnybreal jhonnybreal Jun 30
Uhm so he's 20 lusting after a 14 year old? Giving two years is still her only being 16 while he's 22
Well if hadn't even gotten yourself in the stupid shenanigan, you wouldn't be in this now would you?! Frickin teens and their hormones, this is why you wait till marriage! And you MISTER! You need to work on your pull outs cause it me rusty af