My Brother, My Mate? (Wattys2016)

My Brother, My Mate? (Wattys2016)

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TheKing'sQueen By Arielc101 Completed

Ariel is a werewolf, she lives in the Raven Hail Pack. She was an only child for five years of her life, but that all changed when mommy and daddy brought a boy home claiming he is now her older brother. He isn't exactly the ideal big brother, his name is Xavier. He was adopted, he is the kind of kid you want to avoid in school. Yet he is like the jock and does everything perfectly, when he isn't pulling pranks on other kids and teachers. 

The more he aged the closer they become, but wait... What about Ariel? Well she is almost exactly the same, she came up with ideas of pranks while Xavier did them. That's how it worked all through elementary school, middle school, and now high school. Thing is Xavier is becoming more overprotective of Ariel, she is about to find her mate! But Xavier doesn't like the idea of Ariel leaving him for some guy. 


Some chapters are private because of content. Follow for the excitement!

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