(Eren X Annie Book 1) Painkiller

(Eren X Annie Book 1) Painkiller

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To Annie Leonhart, she was always alone...no one to trust, not even her father. But that all changed when she met Eren Jaeger. Her life all of a sudden changed...but not in a good way. She is dragged into a war between two gangs. The Survey Gang and the deadly Titan Gang.

But there is something dark about Eren...Something that will put his and her life on the line if they realize that they are in love with each other.

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souleaterevans14 souleaterevans14 Jul 17, 2017
Where's the nearest source of gasoline, lighter, and a copy of that damn book
ErenJaegerdatitan ErenJaegerdatitan Apr 20, 2017
Lolz Eren can sing?
                              Sorry I don't want to affend you
                              GOOD STORY SO FAR!!!
Wolfhunter590 Wolfhunter590 Apr 25, 2017
I KEEP THINKING OF POWER PUFF GIRLS Snellville is where superman was born and raised (I THINK ) but I only know him for metropolis
GabeFelicio GabeFelicio Jul 01, 2017
umm.. lazy much? a small town called smallville. otherwise a good story! :D
Flameice2 Flameice2 Oct 16, 2017
All of you guys just complaining about it while I haven't read word from it
underseapeanut underseapeanut Jul 05, 2016
Im sorry but you named it Smallville? Bruh where's superman he'll handle the Titan gang