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Soonshimee By soonshimee Updated Jan 07, 2017

www.bangtanboys.cum | We swag. We got Jams. Except Jimin, ofc.

Welcome, ARMYs! BTS is here to give you unlimited one-shots! From Taekook to YoonMin to NamJin to Lonely Hope, yo!
Smut or Fluff, it's fine. Maybe we got 'em here, why don't you check it out?


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ChocoalChers ChocoalChers Jan 07, 2017
No hobi is gay for em all😏😏 and yay u have the ship's that I love 😉😉
Jibooty_Squad Jibooty_Squad Dec 28, 2015
wpu: 4DalienLaura
                              otp: Yoonmin
                              request: Yoongi is a bad boy, in a gang or a biker or something, and he saves Jimin who is about to get beat up or something and protects him
MissChocoHoney MissChocoHoney Sep 15, 2015
wpu: MissChocoHoney
                              otp: taejin
                              request: college au. Jin is a senior in acting class. loved by everyone and hated by no one. v transfers. he is a bad boy but jin is selected to show him around.
JKT486 JKT486 Jul 20, 2015
wpu: Lstar101
                              otp: taekook
                              request: Jungkook likes the bad boy named Taehyung. And maybe smut...? Your choice though ^^
marnie_brownies123 marnie_brownies123 Jun 13, 2015
WPU marnie_brownies123
                              OTP: namjin
                              Request: it's Namjoon's birthday and all he wants is Jin. {smut pls}
mintswaega mintswaega May 18, 2015
@_borntobe so dya have Instagram account? so I can start following you ^_^