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Welcome, ARMYs! BTS is here to give you unlimited one-shots! From Taekook to YoonMin to NamJin to Lonely Hope, yo!
Smut or Fluff, it's fine. Maybe we got 'em here, why don't you check it out?


No hobi is gay for em all😏😏 and yay u have the ship's that I love 😉😉
Jibooty_Squad Jibooty_Squad Dec 28, 2015
wpu: 4DalienLaura
                              otp: Yoonmin
                              request: Yoongi is a bad boy, in a gang or a biker or something, and he saves Jimin who is about to get beat up or something and protects him
MissChocoHoney MissChocoHoney Sep 15, 2015
wpu: MissChocoHoney
                              otp: taejin
                              request: college au. Jin is a senior in acting class. loved by everyone and hated by no one. v transfers. he is a bad boy but jin is selected to show him around.
JKT486 JKT486 Jul 20, 2015
wpu: Lstar101
                              otp: taekook
                              request: Jungkook likes the bad boy named Taehyung. And maybe smut...? Your choice though ^^
marnie_brownies123 marnie_brownies123 Jun 13, 2015
WPU marnie_brownies123
                              OTP: namjin
                              Request: it's Namjoon's birthday and all he wants is Jin. {smut pls}
mintswaega mintswaega May 18, 2015
@_borntobe so dya have Instagram account? so I can start following you ^_^