Chosen Husband: On Highlander Time book 1

Chosen Husband: On Highlander Time book 1

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Anne McBride Eveland By AnneMcBrideEveland Updated Jul 07

Fiction, Science fiction, fantasy, time travel, historical, romance, Christian. 

"This must be some dream," whispered Lyra. 

Lyra Luhr has traveled from the year 2003 to 836 A.D. by a fierce lightning storm which was controlled by a Norse God. Who sent her to meet a man that the God had picked for her husband. While another God puts the man through unbelievable tests. As well as her own journeys in a world that is unlike her own. 

Varg Drake is not all he seems to be. A man who is a Celtic/Viking. There is more to him than just a name. 

'You are the most handsome of men; 
Grace flows from your lips. 
Therefore, God has blessed you forever.' 

"I don't want her to see me like this." 

Throughout the book. Varg faces with a monster. A jealous man from another clan. A war that he needs to stop. A life journey of change. And what it takes to be a good husband.

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orohimie orohimie Nov 14, 2016
WHAT.THE.HELL.IS.WRONG.WITH.YOU!!!!!!!! Grow a ******* backbone