A Guy to Die For (Purple Guy x Reader)

A Guy to Die For (Purple Guy x Reader)

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'Breaking News: Five Children Murdered at Freddy Fazbear's'


You were just a normal girl. And then, one day, you got a job at Freddy's, and things went downhill.

You met a man named Vincent, and after a while, you fell in love with him.

You eventually learn his dark secret: He murdered five children. Before you can give him time to explain, your friends immediately say you shouldn't love a cold-hearted killer.

But what can you do when he's a guy to die for?!

[My first ______ X Reader!]

Name: Nevaeh
                              Hair color: Platinum Blonde 
                              Eyes: Disturbingly bright green
Name: Kitty
                              Hair Color: brown with teal piece hanging on shoulder 
                              Eye color: Left eye is red Right eye is hazel.
                              Im a a complex person.
                              Hair color=golden brown with purple tips
                              Eye color= a chocolate brown
AwesomeAlexia13 AwesomeAlexia13 Mar 07, 2016
Name: Ashley Sunfire
                              Age: Unknown
                              Animal Form: Phoenix
                              Hair Color/Style: Wavy Dark Blond Hair
                              Eye Color: Blood Red (one is Black and white like possessed)
                              Info: She can run very fast, she can sing really well, Likes Roblox, Loves FNAF, Loyal, In her form she can spread fire around her.
iicancoon1 iicancoon1 Jul 19, 2016
name: lily
                              hair color: pink
                              eye color: left eye white right eye blue
                              Hair Color:Brown With Purple Stripe
                              Eye Color:Purple