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Forced To be a Redfox

Forced To be a Redfox

67.6K Reads 3.2K Votes 26 Part Story
PiggyCantSwim By PiggyCantSwim Completed

Levy McGarden, a spunky, rude, morning drinker. Her family has the second most wealthy business not just in Fiore, but in Mongolia. Being second best, her father, wants her to marry the son of the most wealthy and feared business in Mongolia, 
The Redfoxes, and their son Gajeel.
Levy had see him, in Mongolian magazines and in casinos at times. Levy was a master gambler, that was the only reason levy agreed to meet the son Redfox. To Beat him in Gambling. A Redfox. Versus a Bookworm. Who's spunky attitude will bring the other to fall... In love?

OffxcialT300 OffxcialT300 Jul 13, 2016
I'ma call it that shrimpySpunkŧ‹ŧ‹ŧ‹ŧ‹(๑´ㅂ`๑)ŧ‹ŧ‹ŧ‹ŧ‹(∩^o^)⊃━☆*+:。.。(TT)(TT)(≧∇≦)/(・∀・)(☆^O^☆)(*^ω^*)(≧∇≦)(★^O^★)
Marco_Bodt_104 Marco_Bodt_104 May 23, 2016
My teacher always says that and now one of my friends does too
Zero_CuriosityMaster Zero_CuriosityMaster Nov 04, 2015
You make levy look like a badass. This is a really good book
_useyourillusion_ _useyourillusion_ May 10, 2015
IM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK I really like it. And by like I mean love. Your books are amazing.