Assassination Classroom *EDITING

Assassination Classroom *EDITING

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I don't own Assassination Classroom except my character and it's story plot. The rest belong to it's rightful owner.


"I almost got attack by a python but I never imagine there is another predator. Her eyes were glowing in the deep part of the ocean, hiding and waiting for it's prey."

 She is the perfect weapon made by the government to kill the unkillable Koro-sensei. Her name, her ability, her family and her past will be her journey to solve her mysterious identity.

Season 2 fanfic included

(Still editing some chapters)

reddxxpanda reddxxpanda Apr 13
Not dirty Blonde, tangerine orange kinda blonde.. also ITS THE LONG LOST TWIN OF KARMA
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Feb 28, 2016
Okay, not lie I didn't really like the description but the story is way better! Interesting...
Epic_PrincessD Epic_PrincessD Nov 13, 2016
Before reading this, can I just say, I love that you used Tomoko as your book's cover coz not a lot of people know about her and the anime. And most of the time, if they know about her, they think the anime is really cringey
HoneyStarDrops HoneyStarDrops Apr 02, 2016
Ayeee i'm the 100th vote!! BTW I LUUUV THIS STORYYYY ALREADYYY!!
YandereChan1239 YandereChan1239 Aug 19, 2016
Nope I'd rather insult him and get booted down to E class than pretend to be nice to him and be in A class.
sstefano-isme sstefano-isme Jul 02, 2016
Genius indeed, i always make enemies on my first day of school aswell!! And i always get detention for it.