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daddy :: afi

daddy :: afi

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dayna sarai By meowmukey Updated Jul 29, 2016

"i could teach you exactly what fast is, babygirl."

he knew that this girl was the type that would go to sleep at eight. this girl was the type that would never curse. this girl was the type that would live in a library. and most importantly this type of girl would be the best at sexual activities.

©copywright to meowmukey 
every thing other than the idea is NOT owned my meowmukey.

x_calumnesia_x x_calumnesia_x Jun 11, 2016
My days end best when the sunset gets itself behind that little lady sitting on the passenger side.......
stefsalvawhore stefsalvawhore Jul 29, 2016
yikes i started reading smut when I was twelve, so like 3 years ago
_ptv_girl_ _ptv_girl_ Jul 26, 2016
Well I've been reading these since I was 10. I'm 14 now tho xD
I read very very intense gay smut when I was ten I'm twelve now I think I'm okay: lol
i started reading smut 2 years ago when i was  twelves yIKES