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The Silver Wolf (A Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete) (Editing In Progress)

The Silver Wolf (A Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete) (Editing In Progress)

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Spirit By Spirit_of_the_Wolf6 Completed

This book starts off like your stereotypical sucked-in Naruto fanfiction. Main character has sucky parents (parent- there's only one), and leaves home to explore a forest. She's traveling in this conveniently-placed forest behind her house, and finds a really weird tree. She falls asleep at the base of it and stuff happens.
Of course, when she wakes up, she's in the shinobi world. Who would've guessed, right? Not the reader, obviously...
But now things get different. She's not anywhere near Konoha, or Suna, or even Kiri! She's in the middle of a random forest, she looks completely different, and she's got new clothes. Oh, and there's an egg in her pocket. 
The egg hatches into a little dragon, and they wander around the forest together. Until they find a strange cabin, and an even stranger old man. 
Blah blah blah, stuff happens, and then Orochimaru appears! Along with her long-lost twin brother she didn't even know she had! It's a bit cliche...
More stuff, a time skip, a tiny bit of Konoha, a new village, few answers, and finally the main cast appears around chapter 29. Enjoy!
~Editing in Progress~
Cover made by ILoveWolvezz!!

                              I read the manga
                              I watched the anime, to like, the hidan shizzle
                              then my kissanime got blocked so i went to manga, and now I'm on chapter 654
Tanilovesanime Tanilovesanime Sep 27, 2016
Lol don't worry I have a Naruto fanfic too and I honestly can't remember anything before episode 400ish and book 50ish also I like the fact that it's going to follow a different story, that's really cool! ^^
This is how I come up with stories. Here is a story, of how I wrote a story. Once upon a time, I was bored. The end.
Infinitely_Eternal Infinitely_Eternal May 10, 2016
Starting once again, but this time on Wattpad! And can't wait to read your new and improved story :D
Jamari_Chinuji Jamari_Chinuji Jan 03, 2016
Most of my info I Got from fanfics, friends, and the 1st 4 seasons of Naruto. I JUST started Shippuden
Exolover2002 Exolover2002 Dec 18, 2015
I started reading fanfic  before I started to watch Naruto and I'm still not past episode 10