You belong to me. (Yandere Akashi x Reader)

You belong to me. (Yandere Akashi x Reader)

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Summary: You're an intelligent student and received a scholarship to a famous private high school, Rakuzan High. On your first day, you accidentally dumped into a certain red haired guy. And he has been interested with you ever since that incident.
 (I suck at summary writing, sorry D: )

Hey guys!! Thank you for choosing my first-ever published fanfic!! Don't hesitate to comment, vote and inform me about errors. I would really appreciate your votes and I'll try to reply to all of your comments. And again arigatō for selecting my story :) 

1)  Akashi will not be yandere in the first few chapters. But don't worry! He'll be soon! Pinky promise :3 
2) The reader has a shy personality so its more of a Yandere Akashi x Shy Reader •-•
3) I do not own Kuroko no Basket.  All credits go to Tadatoshi Fujimaki.

People blush when there nervous or embarrassed  .p. Or they have a crush ;3 wink wonk
You hit the nail on the head there Author XD mainly because people always try to look at my sketch book and ask me to draw them (plus my friends aren't in my class QAQ)
5arahR 5arahR Apr 26
As in every anime/manga the seat by the window is always reserved for the main character
I got the window seat, so I'm obliviously the main character of this anime. Akashi is my love interest , and everyone else is the homosexual supporting cast, right?!
bailey317 bailey317 Jan 02
Katzaki...... Ren
                              Katzaki .......Ken
                              Ka..n..zaki .......Ken
                              Kan....aki ........Ken
                              Kan...eki ......Ken
                              Kaneki Ken... TOKYO GHOUL!!!!
bailey317 bailey317 Jan 02
Don't worry about...... Maybe you'll be lucky and brake a vase!!