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Many people don't know me, but I don't know who me is either.
I can't tell you if I'm the loud or rude stereotypical black girl because Mom would say I need to speak up. I'm using my library voice with strangers.
I can't tell you I'm the introvert because I like good company.
I was born into a world that judges me before they get to know me. And try to attack the concept of happiness. I need it most in this filthy world we live in. I need you. Because you listened and didn't say a word. Just you being there was enough to make me believe you understood the troubles in my sentences and words spoken in a foreign language. 
I want myself back but I can't remember who I was.

|| Ebonee desires life to the fullest content as a brown skin but is constantly faced with life's realities that can never turn into her sudden dreams. As she is constantly faced with comparisons of her beauty, cruel judgment, and love she didn't expect it to turn out so unplanned in her premeditated life. ||

|| Then there's Beau, who lives such a different world outside of the way Ebonee sees it as he tries to determine who is his out to kill him. Living two different worlds in hope to find a middle ground, somewhere, between light and dark, in the novel of BROWN SKIN. ||

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Thallygurl Thallygurl Jul 19, 2017
I feel like I'm gonna connect to this book on a spiritual level bc the first 2 paragraphs is exactly me and I'm not even joking.