Painful Laughter (Laughing Jack X Reader)

Painful Laughter (Laughing Jack X Reader)

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JokerHarley_BB By JokerHarley_BB Updated Dec 24, 2015

Laughing Jack befriends a young boy named Sammy. Sammy has abusive parents and a strange sister who
 is always off by herself. Laughing Jack immediately takes a liking to the girl. This is a Laughing Jack and Reader story. Hope you enjoy!!

Sammy is my character, controversy to the disclaimer. 
Laughing Jack belongs to his creator. 
You belong to you. Or Laughing Jack. ;)

The cover photo is not mine. I added the words, but the picture in general is not mine.

There is going to be mature material in this story. I just wanted to warn you.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in the story. This is not for profit, only for amusement.

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Stellunar Stellunar Oct 10, 2017
*sees clown*
                              *starts to have a mental break down and panic attacks*
                              *coulrophobia multiplies by 20 when he moves closer*
                              *passes out*
XotchitlLeal XotchitlLeal Oct 28, 2017
Jack offered,  holding his hand which was filled with colorfully wrapped candy out of my look laughing Jack Sammy handful keeping sweet and very need.
rainymaine rainymaine Apr 15, 2018
My nickname is Sam
                              My great grandpa’s real name is Sammy
                              Now you see where my name came from
hELL_kNoWS_tHIS_gIrL hELL_kNoWS_tHIS_gIrL Sep 05, 2017
Worse...? Oh God... I can imagine... My mind is a very, very, VERY dark place...   X.X
ticcitoby212 ticcitoby212 May 07, 2018
Geez like kids these days just become friends with psychotic freaky clowns like OMFG WHY CANT YOU JUST BE NORMAL
                              My brain: *screams* 😉quote from babadook
OCKCBroken OCKCBroken Jul 07, 2018
Uh does Russian Roulette count?
                              Lj: WOAH! THIS KID IS-
                              Me: FRICKEN AWESOME