My Deal With The Devil.

My Deal With The Devil.

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Stacy Louise By stacylouise18 Updated Apr 19

Have you ever wanted something so much your willing to do anything for it?
Cami White is just your average teenage girl but she wants nothing more than her very sick mother to get better. Her father left when she was very young, she had no brothers or sisters so taking care of mom was all down to her. It broke her heart everyday seeing her in so much pain. 

Then one day her mother told Cami that she wished to die, cami couldnt belive the words that came out of her mouth. so she ran and ran and ran. when she couldn't run no more she dropped to her knees and started crying. " why god why" she screamed to the sky, she knew no one was listening. " please ill do anything please someone save her" She screamed, but it was pointless, or so she thought.

The clouds went dark and thunder erupted in the sky, and before she could react a bolt of lightening shot down inches from were she was sat. The impact from the blast pushed her a few feet away from were she was sitting. 

she quickly scrambled to her feet, confused a what happened, she nearly got struck by lightening. she waited for the smoke to clear before she went over and inspected the ground were it struck. But as the smoke started to clear she could see the outline of a figure standing there, confused she walked over to it. she gasped as she sure the most beautiful looking man standing where the lightening had struck moments ago. 

He looked up at her a smirk across his face.

WARNING This book is MATURE!!!!!