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Chance || Niam MPreg

Chance || Niam MPreg

160K Reads 9.3K Votes 45 Part Story
[coming soon] By mrs_horan_59 Updated Mar 20

Niall and Liam used to be a thing; until Niall got pregnant. Liam's not ready for kids now since they're both fresh graduates and living in a small apartment, therefore, cannot afford a baby, wanting Niall to get rid of it. Niall didn't want to, making their relationship suffer. Liam grew cold and distant, making Niall realize. Faking that he did the procedure, he packed his things and left in the middle of the night, not looking back. Niall was left alone - 9 months later, a bouncing baby boy was born; he named him Chance.
  {First Place in the 2016 BoyBoy Awards in 'Niam' category.}
  Copyright © 2015 @mrs_horan_59 & @alt-ziam
  [Italian Translation - @CliffordIsMyMan]
  [Spanish Translation - @AraceliMiller]

HersheyBar_15 HersheyBar_15 Mar 20, 2016
What's in my stomach is way more innocent than your bîtch äss
                              Ps: I'm sorry but Liam is a jerk rn
larrrycuddles larrrycuddles Mar 10, 2016
If a guy ever did this OH OH they will be without TEETHS by now. I'm super duper good at the defending myself when I need to. Once this boy slap my booty I slapped him so hard but I alms it got expelled but whatever I was defending myself
thelandofthegay thelandofthegay Nov 12, 2016
what would i have said if i didn't read after this: HOE DONT DO IT
                              what i say now: oh okay
prisci1618 prisci1618 May 20, 2016
and during that time you should take classes on how to work on your pull out game
Readerlover_200 Readerlover_200 Oct 11, 2016
I hope Laim regrets everything he did if said to naill, when he finds out that naill ran away. If he felt mad, then I don't know! "Mom! Were are the knifes? " "Why do you need then? I hope your not doing anything bad! " "don't worry! I'm completely innocent, nothing to worry about!,..... For now"
zaddy_liam zaddy_liam Jul 06, 2016
I really love this fandom how we hate Liam right but then more into the story we r all like aww how cute I want a liam