dirty magcon boyxboy oneshots (DISCONTINUED) ‼️

dirty magcon boyxboy oneshots (DISCONTINUED) ‼️

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X_king_blake_X By X_king_blake_X Updated Jun 11, 2016

hayes and jack have been dating for 3 months and there 4 month aniversery is coming up and jack has something really special planned out for hayes!
(A/N: this is my first oneshot so sorry if you didnt like it, and there will be smut)
Jack and I's 4 month aniversery is tomorrow, I am so ready to give him his aniversery gift. I have been trying to get him to tell me what he got me but he just wont give in so im going to try to seduct him in to telling me.

"Jack" I yell upstairs to him "yeah babe" he says as he comes running down the stairs as if something was wrong, "Will you please tell me what you got me for our aniversery please" I say energetic. "Your so cute but not til tomorrow babe" he says.

Damnit I need to figure out how to get him to tell me!

"Why can't you tell me babe" I say pouting,"because its a surprise" he says not even phased one bit. I lean in to kiss him and of course he kisses back then I move to his neck and start kissing and sucking on his sweet spot,"...

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minyoongiiii_1993 minyoongiiii_1993 Feb 19, 2017
-FriendLikeMe- -FriendLikeMe- Aug 06, 2016
I was jamming and I yanked out my headphones and yelled woah so loud...I'm currently at Walmart
twentygreenromance twentygreenromance Jul 28, 2016
I always thought he wouldn't dom because he's younger and G is like daddy af but i guess not
whats_there_to_love whats_there_to_love Jan 24, 2016
This is awkward......... 
                              I always thought Gilinsky was daddy at
X_king_blake_X X_king_blake_X May 09, 2015
I'm sorry but is your phone on if so call me @XxDracoMalfoyxX