Fairy Tail: With Me♥ (1st Book in the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)

Fairy Tail: With Me♥ (1st Book in the "Intertwined Fates" Series!)

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Book #1
Lucy and Natsu go on their first mission together since the Seven Year Sleep, completely excited to get started.  But what happens when Lucy's Celestial Spirit powers are taken, and she is rendered powerless?!  And to make the situation worse, a mysterious person makes an appearance, taking her hostage!  Will Natsu be able to rescue Lucy?!

While Lucy is in his clutches, she finds out why she's so wrapped up in Rose Valentine's--a celestial wizard from distance past--history, and what's that got to do with her.  She also learns his true intentions with her, and fears there is no hope for her when the unthinkable happens!  Join the Fairy Tail guild members in yet another wild journey as they find the true meaning of everything and everyone in:  With Me! (A NaLu Fan Fiction)

♥This is the first book in the Intertwined Fates series!♥  
Book #2 and #3 are completed!  Book #4 is now finished~!

Rockysa Rockysa Mar 30
Omg! I love your stories! They are so awesome,specially since I ship Nalu. And I am a big fan of u!! I am trying to get most of my friends that have wattpad to read your stories cuz they are awesome!!!
Oml I love all you books they're so good❤
                              Plus there's my no. 1 Ship NaLu ❤❤
I wrote a fan fiction please check it out sorry for advertising but I really would like some feed back 
                              Also great story!!!!
kitty_princess2250 kitty_princess2250 Aug 10, 2015
I just started reading this so I hope you don't mind me commenting like you just posted it yesterday:)
FeRinS FeRinS Jul 28, 2015
from now on I will always follow your books update,, and actually this is your first book that I read, since I just found about your book a minute ago,, Let me read your stories!!
speytans speytans Sep 27, 2014
All your books are awsome!! I just know this'll be another great one