Tokyo Ghoul: Re X READER

Tokyo Ghoul: Re X READER

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The Flaw In Your Life By nanao-ceres Updated Mar 04, 2017

Tokyo Ghoul: Re X Reader Fanfic (Reader POV), the continuation of my first TG fanfic. (see -rather ugly- link below for the story before this one).
Now, for the story: 

Having been through so much as the sister of the deceased Amon Koutarou, your dreadful life continues after the Anteiku raid in which you've lost much more than your hidden identity as a ghoul. 

Struggle yourself through the new challenges like being a squad leader of the Quinx' and meeting old friends and enemies as you try to retrieve one of the many precious things you've lost more than a year ago: Kaneki Ken. 

Let us continue our frightening tragedy, shall we?

(TG version, prequel as to say it like that:)

Requests for extra chapters with your favorite character are always welcome~

(for the images I use: all credits go to the original uploaders/bloggers etc.)

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Sasakins Sasakins May 04, 2016
Wow. I just read one chapter, and I'm already in love with it. This was a great start to the story, and you are an amazing writer. I probably should read the first book, if this is the second one. I'm looking forward to reading more when I get the time! 💕
Trufflerabbit13 Trufflerabbit13 Dec 05, 2015
I think koutarou was suppose to be her brothers first name and Amon was their last name.... And looking at the kanji, you could tell in a way that 鋼太郎 (koutarou) seems more like a first name then 亜門(anon) though I may be wrong