Ravonna The White : A Hobbit Fanfiction

Ravonna The White : A Hobbit Fanfiction

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Ravonna has traveled all over middle earth, but no trip could prepare her for this one. When she joins the Company of Thorin Oakenshield to regain Erebor from Smaug's control, she has to face the thing she fears most: love. Will she overcome her fear? Or will the company fall into darkness?

All credits go to J.R.R Tolkein and Peter Jackson. I own nothing from minimal to none. Thank you for your concern.

WARNING: Mild swearing and some violence involved. Read at your own risk.

This dialog is truly amazing. I love the way you capture the feel of middle earth in the way she speaks.
I choked on my tea when I say this line... because my name is Olivia, too! XD
AllTime1Dxxx AllTime1Dxxx Nov 03, 2015
@ThorinsChild110 I found it during a Google search on the Internet. it's where I get all of my photos :)
ThorinsChild110 ThorinsChild110 Oct 31, 2015
I love that picture of Thorin for the cover. The one where it's like night and dark in the background. Where did you find it lol ?
AllTime1Dxxx AllTime1Dxxx Sep 25, 2015
@tiamat-press no, she is not human. she is half dwarf, quarter shapeshifter, and a quarter elf. so no, she is a little under Thorin's height. thank you so much for asking! i really love to see all of your comments.
tiamat-press tiamat-press Sep 16, 2015
                              I have a question though. She is a human girl, right? So she must be taller than Thorin?