Paid To Be His Only

Paid To Be His Only

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Katrina Davis has had a hard life; her parents died when she was young and was forced to live with her grandparents, her brother overdosed, most of her friends hate her, and her boyfriend cheated. She is one soul that can't be fixed. Or can it?

Dillon McFalls is hateful and he is only interested in his work. After he caught his supermodel girlfriend cheating he hated everybody. He is a helpless man who does not care about anybody but himself. He is a greedy millionaire that will never love. Or can he be fixed? 

Money is a problem for her and a contract is a problem for him. He has to decide between his job or letting it be handed down to his brother if he does not marry. She needs the money to pay off college. 


"Well guess what I did? I feel in love with an arrogant asshole. I fell in love with you!" she shouted at me with tears in her eyes but I watched as she fought them off. 

"You don't mean that" I rolled my eyes as I sat back down in my desk chair. 

She sighed and walked up to my desk and slid off the fake engagement ring and slammed it hard on my desk. She turned and walked to the door, but turned back around I saw the tears roll down her face. I frowned knowing that I have hurt her.  

"The deal is off" she sighed and then left, not looking back.

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fromnetflix fromnetflix Jun 12, 2016
to find out his name you go to google, hot rich guys in my area
chocolate_xD chocolate_xD Dec 09, 2016
Hate himmmmmmmmmm😩😩 This story is FASTER then freaking USAIN BOLT⚡️⚡️. Somebody stop him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannahgirl02 Hannahgirl02 Jul 11, 2016
i noticed a few unlikely and grammar mistakes. like the word Goddess   it typically means female god, so i would like to offer  myself as a editor. please inbox me if you would like the help.
chocolate_xD chocolate_xD Dec 09, 2016
IF he says marry me somebody stop him then🤕. To fast huhhhhh.........😩
TheQueenSarcasm435 TheQueenSarcasm435 Nov 23, 2016
This guy is just rude jeez ever heard of manners dude u shouldn't throw your madness to everyone u see I mean your 'fake' wife she has gone through harder stuff than u and she is still nice kind well mannered and smart u on the other hand