The Edge~ One Piece x Reader (AU)

The Edge~ One Piece x Reader (AU)

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PirateQueenD By piratequeend Updated May 25, 2015

       "Look uncle, I'm fine where I'm at,"  You tell the large man that sat at the other side of the bar.

       "You'd get paid more," He points out. 

       "Only because it'll dangerous,  I'm sorry but dangerous is not my middle name. And besides, I prefer calm and mildly exciting," You reply as you clean the glasses. He glances around the near empty bar and stands. 

        "Then I'll just have to make things a bit chaotic," He decides, starting for the door. 

        "Eh!? W-wait! Sengoku!!" You feebly call after him. He was already gone. "Dammit!" You sigh, putting up the glasses before turning the bar. "Alright everyone! It's closing time! You don't have to go home but you can't stay here," You tell the remaining customers, gesturing toward the door. They stagger for the door as you get ready to close. Once they were gone you lock the doors then wipe off the tables. You turn to get the broom and mop. Your phone goes off then. "Hello?"

          '___, help.... Law has...