(On Hold) Crystal Clear (girlxgirl) (lesbian story) [Sequel to Crystals]

(On Hold) Crystal Clear (girlxgirl) (lesbian story) [Sequel to Crystals]

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TᕼE ᑌᑎIᑕOᖇᑎ KITTY By Kate_Katnic Updated Sep 02, 2015

Every Friday, Lilly Daniels goes out to the same club with her friends. One week she sees someone there, someone who looks an awful lot like her. She tries to talk to her but she has disappeared. Little does she know that speaking to the woman will only raise more questions, questions no one is answering. Determined to find out what is going on, Lilly decides she will work it out for herself.

Meanwhile, Laura is getting suspicious. Lilly keeps receiving gifts she can't explain and Laura is becoming increasingly certain that she's having an affair. She has to know the truth and does some digging of her own.

Neither of them realise how big the secrets are. What they find out only makes things more confusing. But they won't give up, not even when their lives are in danger.

fabuluos18 fabuluos18 Aug 04, 2016
Oh yeah, 1st chapter of the sequel and i'm already whipped by their min blowing and intense love making.... Wahhhhhhhj
Ms_Meg Ms_Meg Sep 13, 2016
You missed an opportunity to say Crystal Queer. What am I doing here I haven't even read any of this
i_love_band i_love_band Aug 14, 2015
Oh come on, I literally just sat down next to my da. You've got to be kidding me
foolalex foolalex Aug 11, 2015
Yay! So glad you've written again! Eeek :D  And, don't worry, I think it was great the way it was, mistakes and all. ;)
lachanap lachanap Aug 10, 2015
I love it so far although I'm not surprised because you're writing is amazing can't wait for the next update....
Simplymahogany1 Simplymahogany1 Aug 10, 2015
That was STEAMY! Well, I'm loving the suspense behind the potential secret admire...This should be a great adventure