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Destroya - a Waycest fanfiction

Destroya - a Waycest fanfiction

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Kimberly By MerthurIsMyOTP Updated Jan 08

Hi. My name is Gerard Arthur Way, and I'm in love with my little brother, Mikey. I know, I must be sick in my head to feel this way, but I don't care as long as Mikey loves me back, which he does.

We have been in a secret relationship for almost a year now, and even though it's sometimes very hard that I can't tell anyone, I've never felt better.

But then that accident had to happen... That accident where Mikey lost three years of his memories... He forgot everything we had... Of course we all told Mikey what he forgot, but I couldn't tell him about us. He'd probably hate me, or won't believe me. So I stayed quiet. But it's killing me from the inside...

What do I have to do?

(Repost of this story after it had been deleted).

BlueMeanieAt221B BlueMeanieAt221B Oct 02, 2016
At the end of the world, or the last thing I see, what the heck is Danger Days, heck is Danger Days.
frerardway66 frerardway66 Jul 16, 2016
So Kyle,what do you do with your life?
                              Oh you know,reading about two brothers from my favorite band,fücking,and you?
I am rereading this because I have nothing better to do while I wait a few hours till I get to go to hot topic.
sukaretto13 sukaretto13 Jul 09, 2016
I never thought I'd see the day when I read waycest. But here we are and I'm kind of enjoying it
polarizesheeran polarizesheeran Nov 24, 2016
I could be doing something productive like helping my family for Thanksgiving dinner but nope, here I am reading Waycest
geesrightbuttchek geesrightbuttchek Jul 20, 2016
My dream life right here. Haha just kidding I'd like to keep my life.