Neighbours with the Badboy

Neighbours with the Badboy

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We all know that starting the next stage of Education is hard, things like moving to a new area and being a freshmen in college. Well, that explains Abby's story pretty much. Little did she know that her life was about to change as soon as she meets the town's bad boy Josh. The question is, will he ever quit bothering her? 

Now Josh... he has a reputation that needs to be kept tight for the rest of his life,  he was 16 just like Abby. Josh wasn't a typical teen who would comply to everyone's rules and as you guessed it, Josh was indeed everything a girl could ask for... but who will he choose? Is it going to be Abby or his reputation?

"You must be Abby Green?" A deep voice said creeping up behind me.

"Yes? and you are?" I asked turning around to see a boy, roughly my age.

"My name's Josh Fitzgarland, I'm the town's worst nightmare" he replies smirking

"Pft, as if ... every guy says that" I spat laughing at his statement "Now, if you don't mind , please leave my sight" i added snickering.

"I don't need to be obey your rules, you have to obey mine" Josh hisses at me.

It turns out, not everything it made to last forever, Abby maybe flying back home carrying the child of the 'Devil' as she calls Josh after something goes terribly wrong for her from what she witnesses herself.

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RochelleRobertson5 RochelleRobertson5 Mar 11, 2017
i actually like this ....... Josh sounds too much though too cheesey for a bad boy haha
RochelleRobertson5 RochelleRobertson5 Mar 11, 2017
well this moved all too quickly ........ they met 5 seconds literally and shes already seen the bad boy and hes makin it sound so cheesey try and use more describing words before adding the cheesy lines
wlieralex wlieralex Jan 09, 2016
Your I's need capitalized. Sorry I have that problem great chapter
LukesPenguin240100 LukesPenguin240100 May 10, 2015
Already starting to get the whole meaning of this book, more people should start reading so you can update more often... this is a good quality book :)