Devoted To You

Devoted To You

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MJ By hiamenaj18 Updated Apr 24, 2016

I left him because I have a reason. 

God knows how much I love him.

I may be leaving him behind but my heart will remain devote to him.

He may have cried and knelt infront of me but heaven knows I've done more done just crying and kneeling.

I have sacrificed a lot. For him. Just for him. He's my everything.

He said I'm selfish for disregarding his feelings but I am the only one who could say that it's not true!

Seeing him with another woman whom he learned to love makes my heart weaker. 


I love him. I want him back. 


How can I do that if he hates me already. 

How can I do that if he loves someone else already.

How can I do that if I'm sure forever will not be ours. 

If I could turn back time, I should have let him stay by my side until my last breath. 

This is how I'm devoted to him.


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