Free! Eternal Summer Character x Reader!

Free! Eternal Summer Character x Reader!

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The Girl Who Was Gone Because of Reality ;-; By KawaiiTsundere-anime Updated 7 days ago

A Free Eternal Summer Scenarios Yay!!!

contains: Drama, comedy, romance, ships, fluff, lemons/smut?
Disclaimer: More Spelling errors and grammer errors!

Hope you all enjoy ^_^

(I don't own the characters of Free!)

RecreatedGallexi RecreatedGallexi May 21, 2016
When you're a fan girl of the anime and know Haru doesn't act like this.
BenadrylCactusSnatch BenadrylCactusSnatch Mar 08, 2016
Look Makoto should have used that move in me dude but that's hella smart
Lucy_Tachibana Lucy_Tachibana Dec 17, 2016
when you want to win a game and you don't have another way *kiss the person your playing with*
MonochromeTenshi MonochromeTenshi May 10, 2016
My brother is autistic and has disabilities sometimes I cry in bed
yoosnug yoosnug Jul 06, 2016
If you don't have a brother or brothers you are Lucky -3-
                              I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters -3-
Ohdaddy-Johnny Ohdaddy-Johnny Feb 24, 2016
An anime or band shirt with some Black colored skinny jeans and converses