Secret Sister (Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction) VERY SLOW UPDATE

Secret Sister (Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction) VERY SLOW UPDATE

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EmilySpinkz By EmilySpinkz Updated Jun 06, 2017

Kuroko Tetsuya have a Twin sister, But not just a twin but a Blind Twin Sister...

Emiko Is the Twin sister of the Phantom Sixth Man who no one knew until the day all of the GoM along with some other people met her...

Emiko isn't just a normal blind teenage girl, Emiko is born..... Special....

Find out more by Reading this Story... 

A/N: The Truth is I dont know why The description I made in the first is gone... I camt remember what I wrote in the forst description and when I check it it suddenly gone... Dont know why though.... For those who read the description please pm me if you remember some of the part that wrote... Its really important... Thanks!!!!

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happypanda2005 happypanda2005 Jul 12, 2017
My cousin whos younger than me by 3 years can do this since shes blind and im always impressed
worldofgray worldofgray Jun 04, 2017
I think it's called Braille, they read with the tip of their fingers, it's truly amazing <3
R_edge_ina R_edge_ina Nov 17, 2016
I SHIP THEM! I SHIP IT! *freaks out for hours and passes out*
TrisyaCruz TrisyaCruz Nov 19, 2016
okay lang ako bakit naman alam  na ako na ang sabi dito pa ako meron ako gagawa doon ikaw anong ang ggawa mo yun miss na kita ikaw miss mo  na ako dito kasi wala ako kasam ikaw sino ang kasam mo yun sa bahay mo mama oh papa mo
crisis_m crisis_m Sep 29, 2015
Your........ Putting................... Alot........... Of........... Dots....... |||-.-
mindcreator mindcreator Jul 14, 2015
I'm pretty sure it's called Braille (pronounced as br-ail or br-rail).