The Alpha's mistake

The Alpha's mistake

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Shontay Marguerite Smith By shirl35 Updated Jan 14


Ayden clutched the arms of the buttery soft leather chair he was sitting in as he waited for Alpha Derrick to focus his attention on him, his mind already conjuring up images of the rejection he knew he was about to receive. 


Ayden jumped at the sound of his name being called and jerked his head up to face the now smirking Alpha. The expression faded almost as soon as it touched his lips , almost as if he was remembering the seriousness of their discussion.

"Ayden, do you care about the well being of our pack?"


" You already know that I just received the title of Alpha a year ago after my father lost his life?"

Yes . . . everyone knows that."

"Well did you know that the only reason I became Alpha is because I was handpicked by my father to take his place and everyone was still in shock that he was betrayed by his Beta and killed by the hunters?"

The Alpha paused to study the younger boy in front of him for minutes, assuring himself that he had his fu...

That’s fücking humiliating 
                              I’d leave anyway 
                              And If i couldn’t 
                              I’d kill myself
                              I wouldn’t thrive in captivity
                              I’d die either way
.....Not sure if I have read this book yet but still why are all werewolf Alphas dicks to their mates like damn
silent-fart silent-fart Jul 29
If u were 'handpicked' by your father than you weren't handpicked
elmalian elmalian Oct 18, 2016
Ahhh what wrong with him anyway cannot wait to find out good ploting!! 😍😍
shirl35 shirl35 Nov 06, 2016
He was basically saying we're already fated to be mates you can't just decide when you want it to happen. He just couldn't get the words out