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His Brother Is Entering The Tournament....
Her Sister Is The Prize.... 
But Neither Of Them Can Bare To Lose Eachother.... 

  Persephone's new step-father and the reigning ruler of Vistic, Eragon, is the creator of the Vistic Tournament. The rules; fifty men thrown into the Vistic arenas where they must fight inner demons and  morphed monsters aswell as each other in order to recieve  the hand of the beautiful prize at the end of it all.  
 The Prize? 
  Faith. Persephone's fifteen year old sister. But instead of letting her sister face the aisle with a stranger, she decides to enter the Tournament in the hope of winning. Can she pull it off and make it to the finish line to save her sister from the future she will be forced into? 

  Gage, a nineteen year old with a history. His sixteen year old brother, Joshua, and Gage had a childhood that would have either made or broken their relationship. Two complete oposites, they somehow made it out as bestfriends in the end. But their friendship lacks one truth. One truth that could ultimatly seperate the two forever. 
  Joshua held back the fact that he was having a secret and taboo relationship with the Ruler's  youngest step daughter, Faith. And after hearing about the Tournament, Joshua wants to enter the competition and save his beloved Faith.  Gage knows that Joshua wouldn't come out the other end alive, so he volunteers himself to try and win the Tournament aswell as the Ruler's daughter.  


     Sephy Or Gage....
Who Will Win?

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HelluhSkies HelluhSkies Sep 19, 2012
Reading this book for the third time....the only book I've ever read three times. Absolutely amazing and my favorite book. If it's ever published (which of course, it should be) I want the first copy! :)
SimplyDarling SimplyDarling Sep 04, 2012
Oh! An I also wanted to know about the title. I don't get it? Does it mean something? Or am I just slow? :p Probably the latter.
SimplyDarling SimplyDarling Sep 04, 2012
Oh God...this is bad. I'm already in love and I'm only on the first page. What am I to do with myself? I suppose I could continue reading. Yeah. Ha! Curiosity moment: Who was the girl in the trailer playing Seph?
YourSister18 YourSister18 Dec 14, 2011
                              Your welcome! You totally deserve it!
                              I really enjoyed reading the book- i couldnt put it down!:):)
YourSister18 YourSister18 Dec 14, 2011
This is an absolutley amazing Story!!!
                              One of the best stories ive read on Wattpad!  Sephys Character was awesome too and Many others such as Gage etc... You have true talent!
temari777 temari777 Jul 12, 2011
but it all dependson wheather or not its a dynotospian book or not. because if it is then you could have them fight for their land againest invaders and the only way they will leave is well you gotta figure that part out for yourself